Voting Results

Message from the President: To the Brothers and Sisters of the HBFFA. After a month-long debate and voting to increase the dues from $30 to $40, the motion to increase the dues has passed by the board and membership of the organization. While increasing dues is never a popular decision, it must be done to continue the mission of the HBFFA. It has been 12 years since our last increase in dues, as well as a third of our members who have retired, resigned, or are no longer active in the association. This has placed a financial strain on our operating budget of simply paying the bills. I have also suspended the President’s stipend in order to help decrease our debt. The board has been working hard in doing their part to keep us afloat as well. They have increased new membership into the association, adding 22 new members since January 1st. Asking for a dues increase from each and every one of you is not easy, and I wouldn’t ask if it wasn’t absolutely necessary. The organization has been the backbone for the black firefighters and the communities we serve. In this climate of politics, insurrection, and uncertainty…the organization cannot fail, it must not fail!! It’s going to take a 100% buy-in from each of us in order to make this work.

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