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Houston Black Firefighters Hall
Main Open Seating Area

The time frame to book the Hall is a minimum of 2 weeks to 1-month advance notice. Special situations such as a repass may have shorter booking times if the Hall is available.

Includes a maximum use of the facility as described in the RATES section of this contract.
The Main Open Seating Area
Kitchen Area (Coffee/Tea Maker unavailable to the public
10 Round Tables
5 Long Tables
100 Chairs
Includes full use of the conference room
Eight (8) to ten (10) people


Maximum Occupancy for the Hall = 156
Maximum Occupancy for open seating area = 100
Maximum Seating available for the open area with dance floor and tables = 80
Maximum Occupancy for Conference Room = 15


The Houston Black Firefighter’s Hall is available for rent based on eight (8) hours of use of the facility for a five (5) hour event. This time period includes two (2) hours for setup, five (5) hours for the actual event, and (1) hour for clean up. The actual event must end no later than midnight. The renter can secure the Hall for additional hours at a rate of one hundred twenty dollars ($120.00) per hour. Additional hours not to exceed 2:00 am.

Graduation Special will be for five (5) hours, which includes setup and cleanup. An additional hour is $120.00, not exceeding six (6) hours. Exceeded designated time will be charged the 8 hour rate of $1350.00 and forfeit the refundable rental deposit.


The Conference Room at the Houston Black Firefighter’s Hall is available for rent based on a two (2) hour minimum. The Renter may secure the Conference Room for additional hours (see rate section).


A. Hall Rental: Monday through Saturday (any event)
B. Hall Rental: Monday through Thursday (4-hour slots)
C. Hall Rental: Sunday (after 4:00 pm only at this time)
D. Hall Rental: Additional Hours until 2:00 am
E. Conference Room Rental: Monday through Saturday
F. Conference Room Rental: Additional Hours
G. Additional Parking for up to twenty (20) vehicles
H. Security (Over 25 people )
I. Table Covers (Optional)

Eight (8) Hours
Four (4) Hours
Five (8) Hours
Per Hour
Two (2) Hour Minimum
Per Hour
Per Event
Per Hour
Per Event

$50.00 (Disposable)

Note: Special scheduling arrangements may be considered for a 4-hour repass on a Friday or Saturday.


If the renter or its vendors need additional time for set up, room decorating, etc., the renter may ask for access to the room beyond the contracted eight (8) hours for an additional charge. Additional setup hours must be contiguous with event hours, i.e., additional set-up or breakdown time is only available for hours immediately before or after the event and at the discretion of The Houston Black Firefighters. You must request this time in writing at least thirty days before your event. Additional set-up and breakdown time will be billed at the rate of $150.00 per hour or portion thereof.


A $300.00 security deposit is required to reserve a date for the Hall, in addition to the rental fees. The security deposit will be paid separately from the rental fees and returned within 30 days after the event or when all accounts are settled, whichever is later if the renter has no infraction of the contract. If there is an infraction of the contract, the deposit will not be returned to the renter and the renter may be subject to additional fees for the breach of the contract agreement.

A $50.00 security deposit is required to reserve a date for the use of the Conference Room, in addition to the 2-hour minimum. The security deposit will be paid separately from the rental fees returned within 30 days or sooner after using the Conference Room or when all accounts are settled, whichever is later if there has been no infraction of the contract by the renter.


In the event, cancellation occurs two (2) weeks before the scheduled event date, the full value of the deposit will be withheld by the Houston Black Firefighters Association. A refund of the deposit and/or payments made will be dependent upon the time frame or reasonable explanation in which the event is being canceled.

Due to the popularity of the event hall, rescheduling will be dependent on the event calendar. If the renter cancels the reschedule, a new agreement will be initiated, and an additional deposit of $300.00 will be required.


In addition to the $300.00 security deposit to reserve a date, the renter may pay for the hall by one of the two options below.

Option 1: Renter shall pay in full the rental amount of $1350.00 plus any additional requirements thirty (30) days before the planned event.

Option 2: Renter shall have the option of paying for the hall rental in two (2) payments. The first payment of $675.00 plus any additional requirements shall be due thirty (30) days before the planned event. The Renter shall pay the second payment of $675.00 plus any additional requirements one week before the event.
Option 3: Renter shall have the option of paying for the hall rental in three (3) payments. The first payment of $450.00 will be due six (6) weeks before the event, the second (2nd) payment of $450.00 will be due four weeks before the event. The final payment of $450.00 will be due two (2) weeks before the scheduled event.
If the renter fails to pay the balance due within the time period agreed upon in this contract, the hall rental date will be released, and the renter will not be entitled to a refund.


In addition to the $50.00 security deposit to reserve a date, the renter shall pay in full a two (2) hour minimum of $100.00 plus any additional time requirements seven (7) to ten (10) calendar days before the planned event.



Security personnel is required for all events with 25 or more people and/or alcohol is being served. A mandate, determined by the event coordinator, will require additional security personnel assigned to your event if the event is larger than stated in the Hall Rental Agreement, which may involve additional fees over and above the facility rental fee.


  1. All renters of the facility shall be required to sign a rental agreement, pay a deposit and rental prior to using such facility and grounds.
  2. The person signing the rental agreement must be at least twenty-one (21) years of age and an authorized representative of the organization.
  3. The HBFFA Hall is a “non-smoking” facility. Smoking is prohibited inside the buildings. All users must comply with the City of Houston smoking ordinance.
  4. Decorations must not be attached to the buildings by using nails, staples, tacks, or cellophane tape. Masking tape, Rice, confetti, glitter, gum, silly string, and fog machines are not allowed inside the facility.
  5. If any provision of this Rental Agreement is violated, the renter shall forfeit the entire deposit.
  6. Everything brought into the building or onto the grounds by the user (food, beverages, decorations, and trash) must be removed at the conclusion of the event.
  7. Youth groups must have adult chaperones present.
  8. The HBFFA Hall rental prices include the hall, tables, and chairs only.
  9. The use of the Kitchen area is limited to the warming of food only. No cooking, frying with grease/oils is allowed.  The occupant shall become familiar with the location of fire extinguishers. No exceptions will be made.
  10. Arrangements shall be made with the event coordinator to access the building unless other arrangements are made with management.
  11. The hours assigned to your event include all setup and all cleanup, including the setup and cleanup of all subcontractors that you may use as described in “Hall Rental Perion & Event Hours” above.
  12. It is understood that Renter will adhere to and follow the terms of this agreement and is responsible for the behavior of guests, invitees, agents, or subcontractors.
  13. Damage: The Renting Party is responsible, and upon demand, shall pay Houston Black Firefighter’s Association for any and all damage to the Hall that arises from or is related to the Renting Party’s rental of the Hall. This includes but is not limited to damage to the restrooms, tables, chairs, lights, or any other property or asset.
  14. Indemnity: The Renting Party shall indemnify, defend, and hold harmless “Houston Black Firefighters Association,” event coordinator, its officers and members against any and all demands, causes of action, or any other claims made against the “Houston Black Firefighter’s Association” or its event coordinator, officers and members arising out of or related to the Renting Party’s rental of the Hall.
  15. Compliance with Laws: The Renting Party shall comply with all applicable laws and regulations and shall not use or occupy the Hall for any unlawful purpose or permit others to use or occupy the Hall for any unlawful purpose.
  16. Alcoholic Beverages: If the Renting Party intends to sell alcohol at its event, it shall obtain any licenses or permits required under applicable laws and regulations to do so and provide “Houston Black Firefighters” Event Coordinator with copies of any such licenses or permits five (5) days prior to the Rental Period. No alcoholic beverages are to be consumed outside the Hall.

You may request a date to rent the Hall by emailing us at HallRental@Houstonbffa.org or call/text (346)327-4782.
Please allow up to 48 hours for a response.

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