Apparatus Dedication for Otis Jordan

11 thoughts on “Apparatus Dedication for Otis Jordan”

  1. A man that is truly deserving of a great honor! I am so proud of my big brother!! Momma is smiling in Heaven and telling everyone that’s my sweet son!! Love you!! ❤️❤️

  2. I think that it is a great thing that he is getting the recognition he has deserved for many years for all his hard work and sacrifice for the black firefighters and the people in his area that he has helped. Congratulations! He is a champion for the cause of justice and fairness for all workers of HFD and his community.

  3. “Captain O” as he is affectionately known, is known and beloved as a great firefighter, great leader, strong advocate for fairness and all around good friend. He deserves this token of appreciation and much more. Congratulations my brother.

  4. A good man and brother with great character. Always one to speak about injustice at his job and the community. Always ready and did the right thing. Well deserved for giving so much to help others . Thank you Brother Jordan- my Prince Hall Masonic & Fraternity Brother.

  5. Congratulations to our brother Cpt. OJordan. Unfortunately, I cannot attend this well deserved celebration but do congratulates you and thank God for your years of service.

    Dwight Boykins

  6. I too agree that Capt big “O” and his hard dedication to the cause of HBFFA and its members should surely be acknowledged while he can yet smell the flowers of his efforts. CONGRATULATIONS BROTHER !!

  7. Congratulations Big O always leading by example and setting the bar high for all that you have mentored and led through the fight.

  8. Capt Derrick Brown

    Congratulations my brother. Thanks for all the hard work you have done over the past years. It’s a honor to have your name placed on a apparatus

  9. Congratulations Big O, you have been led by God to make excellent choices in life, and this choice to be a fireman has been a blessing to the Houston Community. You are a wonderful example for our next generation to follow. Thank you friend, brother, and fabulous example of commitment.

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