About Us

Mission Statement: The Houston Black Fire Fighters Association is a team of dedicated and courteous professionals who are committed to brother/sister hood, honor, and provide services for a safer community.

Motto: Brotherhood/Sisterhood. Justice. Community.

Core Values:

Core values are essential and enduring tenets, a set of general guiding princiiples, not to be compromised for short term expediency.

In order to accomplish its mission with the highest degree of professionalism, integrity, efficiency, and service to the community, the Houston Black Fire Fighters Association has identified the following core values:

Dedication: Serve our community and department to the best of our ability.

Team: A group of individuals striving to reach common goals.

Integrity: Community partnerships based on trust, respect, and accountability through service.

Justice: Is doing for others what we would want done for ourselves.

Professional: Consistently demonstrate a high standard.

Leadership: Providing guidance and support throughout community and department.

Tradition: Preserving and carrying forward the legacy of those who served before us.

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